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Minor Update: Contact Me

I created a page called Contact Me, which you can access it on the navigation bar above, which is, well, where you can contact me. Feel free to check it out!

The Red Friendly Dragon

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Hello, everybody! Gamertron here wishing you a very Merry Christmas today!

From the presents I received today, I got an iPhone 7 with a screen protector and a back case, and a Monopoly Super Mario Bros.: Collectors Edition board game. I couldn't be any happier from what I got this year on Christmas, especially the fact that I'm in Madeira with my parents as we're all enjoying our time here. I'll try to get the rest of the days up on my blog at some point, ok? Sorry about that!

What did you get for Christmas this year, and what did you do over the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

Day 5: Paying a Visit

Tuesday 20th December 2016

A few miles away from Funchal, we drove up to a restaurant called Planka for us to have lunch with my parents and grandma as we were feeling hungry. When we got to the restaurant, it had a lovely view of Madeira as it was on some high ground. For my lunch, I had some meat covered in mushroom sauce; some lettuce, onions, cucumber and tomatoes; and some rice and chips, whilst my parents had some milho with some tuna. It was so delicious that I ended up clearing the entire plate!
After eating our food, we went to the top of the restaurant as they have access to go up to the roof, and the views were amazing, especially the fact that it was sunny!

Day 4: Market Bonanza

Monday 19th December 2016

Nothing’s better than going out to town with my dad to eat one of my favourite foods: Portuguese meat (Carne De Vinho Alhos). For me, it’s absolutely tasty and it makes a great Portuguese sandwich to have for lunch. We had them in Mercado Dos Lavrados, which is the main central market in Funchal, as there’s a cafe that makes these types of sandwiches for lunch. The cafe that we went to is located to a nearby local market that we visited after having our lovely sandwiches, and they sold a wide variety of products ranging from fruits and vegetables, to flowers and clothes, as most of these items are traditional Portuguese gifts to people.
As we went to the market, it was beautiful as each and every market stand had colourful fruits and products standing out in front of everyone, making them easy to spot and filling the place up with colours. It really made the place thrive and feel alive. They even had a lady there playing some music to add to that as well!

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