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Happy Father's Day!

On this day, we take a look at our other half of our families: fathers. Hard-working, clever and serious, they're the ones who teach us the rights and wrongs of our actions and our lives, including our mums as well. They teach us how to live our lives, learn new things and most importantly: loving and caring for each other, and also having fun.

Even though I describe fathers like this, there's always one that I always look up to: my dad.

Sure, he may not be the most good-looking dad of all and he looks like an average father to you, but he does have a wonderful smile and a large heart that's full of love and passion. Every day, he teaches me new things, as well as the rights and wrongs of my actions, and I really can't appreciate it any more than saying "I love you" to him, which is why, along with the help of my mum, we decided to make it up to him by buying some things for him to show that I truly appreciate his gift on Saturday (yesterday on the day this pos…

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day - the day where we all look up to our mothers and thank them for raising us, teaching us, and also loving and looking after us. This also applies to our fathers too, but Father's Day isn't around until 18th June in the UK, so they're going to wait until that day (sorry, Dad!). But anyway, I would like to celebrate this day for our mothers in the UK (other countries celebrate Mother's Day in different days, by the way) by thanking them, but I simply cannot thank my mum, Susana Fernandes, enough. Here she is:
Even though she may not be the world's best-looking mum, I still love her and I always do to this day at the bottom of my heart. My mum is special to me as she, along with my dad, looked after me, educated me, and loved me no matter what. She's very close and unique to me and I don't think that replacing my mum will never be the same without her appearance. That's how special she is.
Even though I haven't made a card for my mum, wo…

A Tribute to the London Attack

On this day in the afternoon, 22nd March 2017, an attack in London occurred where an attacker drove on Westminster Bridge, ran over people before crashing his car and stabbing a police officer before being shot dead by other police officers near the Palace of Westminster, British Parliament. The attacker, whose identity is not yet confirmed, injured 20 people as he ran them over with his car and killing 4 people, which also includes the stabbed police officer and the attacker himself.

An article from the BBC shows an illustrated route that the attacker took along with some pointers where the pedestrians were injured due to being hit directly by the attacker, where it crashed and where the attacker was shot dead.